The review process



All submitted materials are passed through 2 levels of verification to ensure a high scientific quality of the European Journal of Management and Social Science.

In the first stage, the editorial team checks the articles for compliance with the journal subject and the general requirements and conducts a plagiarism check.

After the editors decide, the article is sent to the external reviewer. The double-blind review system is in the EJMSS. Reviewers receive encrypted papers, and authors are not informed about the reviewer person.

Each paper has at least 2 reviewers. If necessary, editorial board may direct the article for additional review.

Based on the review results and editorial review, the following decision may be obtained:

  • Accept as an article without corrections

  • Accept as an article after making major corrections

  • Reject (if the publication does not show larger values)


The results of the review are sent to the author together with the comments of the reviewer or reasons for refusal to publish the article.

If the author refuses to refine the materials, the article is not allowed for publication.

During the reviewing process, reviewers are required to adhere to the principles of publication ethics and privacy policies of the journal.


The review form for familiarization is below. 

You can find the actual list of our reviewers in the relevant section


If you want to join the circle of our reviewers, please write to us at the e-mail address: ejmss@imw.edu.pl